About Judy

Judy2 - smallerA Northwest artist, Judy Free of Auburn, Washington, works primarily with oils but has experience in other mediums as well.

“I have always loved to draw. I particularly remember when I was in the fifth grade. My girlfriend Blythe sat next to me and I was in awe of her ability to draw figures and started drawing pictures along with her. We drew all kinds of kids doing what we called tumbling in those days and would be better known as gymnastics now. Throughout my school years and yes, even into my working years, I doodled on papers, and notebooks. In my early adult years, my sister, Carol Schwisow, who is an artist in her own right, gave me a beginners set of oils and I was off and running. I painted when I could find a free moment while raising two children, but at that time my efforts involved landscapes, still life and florals. It has just been in recent years that I have pursued painting figures and it brings back memories of those grade school years with my drawing pencils. Most of my paintings are people of my imagination doing ordinary things. By the time I finish painting them, I feel like I know them. While I refuse to do portraits, I have done a number of commissioned paintings that are what I refer to as a likeness.”


Cream and Black TapestryBeige and Navy Tapestry Fully Lined JacketAnother “Artistic Expression” for Judy includes the creation of wearable art. This involves a wide range of one of a kind designer purses, embellished jackets and vests, felting on wool sweaters and hand painted silk scarves.